X-Girl may have her own site, but YFM has got a BOOMING SYSTEM!

Yes, Ximena Model has graduated as posted in my last update… However, there are still MANY, MANY other young, latin teen fitness models.

The most recent update is from little Emily Reyes. She’s got her heart out there for you to take home.

Support her career by actually subscribing. It feels great!.. I mean really great… Plus, I mean somone has to pay for that shiny smile,(braces).

Here are some vidcaps of her latest video on YFM. (#195)





Another famous teen is in my HARD drive – Heidy Model and she’s AMAZING!

Heidy is the sweetest! Always amazing and so petite.

The locations are so colorful and mesmerizing on their own…. Let alone with a tiny beautiful young woman modeling in skimpy lingerie or the smallest ‘swim suit’.

The site is archived all the way back.. None of this BS you see on other sites. You can download every HD pic and video of her site





Sheer Purple Lingerie by Angelita

Sheer Purple Lingerie by Angelita

These are the least revealing photos I could find. I actually blushed when I saw the whole set this week. If you’d like to blush at the beauty of this little lady, subscribe to her site, http://www.angelitamodel.com

Angelita Model ©

Angelita Model WOW’s and Amazes

Angelita Model WOW’s and Amazes

This weeks update will really upset you in a good way. You weren’t expecting it but it’s awesome.

Go to http://www.AngelitaModel.com now and subscribe.

FANTASTIC photo set, very clear and beautiful!


Summer Fun in the Yard with Valentina Model

Summer Fun in the Yard with Valentina Model

If you cannot control yourself, stop looking at these brand new video caps of Valentina Model’s latest high def video update!

She’s young, busty with a sheer bikini and dancing for you. Silky long hair brushes her volupteous body back and forth waiting for you to start the fire and shoot off some rockets.

Complete the Summer with a happy ending and subscribe to her site, http://www.ValentianModel.com It’s just starting to heat up down there in South America.

Valentina Model ©

World Class Tease Daniela Florez in Sheer Black Lingerie

World Class Tease Daniela Florez in Sheer Black Lingerie

Sorry the site’s been down guys. Thanks for all your input and support. Today’s post is of the lovely Daniela Florez. She’s sporting sheer black lingerie with thong bottom… and what a bottom it is. BOOM!

Enjoy Daniela’s glamour work on her solo site, http://www.DanielaFlorez.com or if you’re wanting to have a copy of all of her work, check out the mother site, TTL Models, http://www.TTLModels.com

There you will find Daniela’s earlier work as well as some very special additions usually with another beautiful partner in crime in the FSP2 posts.

Daniela Florez ©

Tiny Teen Vanessa Calderon Heats up the Pool in Sheer Black Lingerie

Tiny Teen Vanessa Calderon Heats up the Pool in Sheer Black Lingerie

This is the latest update from the TTL Models site. Featuring this week is the always fascinating Vanessa Calderon.

At 16 years old, she looks like she has some good experience in the field of looking hot. This photo shoot is amazing to witness. That beautiful long luscious hair and her tight, fit body wrapped up in sheer black lingerie.. I know, WOW!

Vanessa is one of dozens of young teen glamour models looking to make it big. You can visit the site now and support all of them with a subscription of around a dollar a day. http://www.TTLModels.com

Watch them grow up and blossom before your eyes!

TTL Models ©

Camila Castillas is just Smoking in a Hot Tub

Camila Castillas is just Smoking in a Hot Tub

Check out Camila Castillas on TTL Models! http://www.TTLModels.com

First of all, she’s so hot, she needs to be soaked in water. Second she’s in her bra, panties and fishnet stockings. Third… LOOK AT HER! Wow.

She’s only 15yo, check out the site and see the next worldwide takeover model. I wouldn’t mind if they all took over, I’d vote for her. Do yourself a favor and watch these teenagers do their thing.

TTL Models ©