WOW, what a Valentine! – Show your love for Little Laurita

Sorry for lack of updates, been so busy with this move. Just checked in with TBF and what do I see??? A beautiful and oh so tiny Laurita bringing me Valentine’s Day cheer.

Like a silky sriracha sauce this tiny cutie is sweet and spicy! Here’s the mind blower, she has friends! LOTS of friends. Check out TBF for all the details,

Remember this is a Level 2 membership bonus so you’ll need to be subscribed for a bit to get access to it… TOTALLY worth the small fees to have this lolita on your hard drive.

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And finally, a few vidcaps from Laurita Vellas and her tiny Valentine themed thong lingerie outfit.

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World Class Tease Daniela Florez in Sheer Black Lingerie

World Class Tease Daniela Florez in Sheer Black Lingerie

Sorry the site’s been down guys. Thanks for all your input and support. Today’s post is of the lovely Daniela Florez. She’s sporting sheer black lingerie with thong bottom… and what a bottom it is. BOOM!

Enjoy Daniela’s glamour work on her solo site, or if you’re wanting to have a copy of all of her work, check out the mother site, TTL Models,

There you will find Daniela’s earlier work as well as some very special additions usually with another beautiful partner in crime in the FSP2 posts.

Daniela Florez ©

Explore the World of Tiny Teen Heidy Model in Disney Gear

Explore the World of Tiny Teen Heidy Model in Disney Gear

It’s possible, but I think you won’t see Heidy at Disney. No problem. You can go to her at her site,
View the rest of the pics and you can be the judge.

As far as teen glamour goes, this is a pretty great example. Heidy is so tiny and she got her start at just 13 years old.

Beautiful legs, great hair and always the best shoes!

Heidy Model ©