Little Laurita aka Latin Lolita!

Little Laurita aka Latin Lolita!

Another hot set from TTL Models! Lovely Little Laurita Vellas in an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie shiny silver barely there bikini. Say that three times fast… Or just look at these teaser pics.

I wish TLL would spin her off into her own site! She already has a bonus media pack here:
Which I have of course, but if you don’t… You’ll want to add it to your collection.

Very petite frame and still curvy. Great attitude and very pretty smile. Life is short, live a little.

Then if you really want to get overwhelmed, head on over to gather the rest of her work on the TTL Models site at

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You Asked For It! Mas Valentina Model!

You Asked For It! Mas Valentina Model!

You guys really need to see more of this great model. The set with her striped dress is fantastic! Hip hugging, sheer and short!

These are just different pics from different sets to show you the variety. Next week I’ll post some stills from her videos. Just a very well built young lady that wants to show off her curves.

You may also notice that I uploaded full size pics to give you a better idea of the size and quality that you’ll be getting when you join.

Thanks for your feedback guys. Keep the comments coming. Can’t post all of them as some of them are a bit… uhh, we’ll say salty. Feedback is welcome though and I take it as a positive that you enjoy her work. She can’t do it forever and she needs to pay for college. Show her your support and subscribe today!

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