Another famous teen is in my HARD drive – Heidy Model and she’s AMAZING!

Heidy is the sweetest! Always amazing and so petite.

The locations are so colorful and mesmerizing on their own…. Let alone with a tiny beautiful young woman modeling in skimpy lingerie or the smallest ‘swim suit’.

The site is archived all the way back.. None of this BS you see on other sites. You can download every HD pic and video of her site




Juliana Marin what a sweet baby go ni-night

Remember her name. You saw her first on Young Fitness Models! Here’s a link to her profile,

Last week’s jet boat update was a KNOCKOUT… But you’ll need to be a member for a while until you can get access to bonus material!!!

Join now and see Juliana and her young, fit friends show off their best for you. 100% legal and soooo, precious!




Little Lolita Louisa Herrera Gets Topless and Lei’d

Little Lolita Louisa Herrera Gets Topless and Lei’d

Thirteen years old and just a stunning shape. Her glamour work is world class and that’s why I’ve featured her today.

I thought it was a Hawaiian lei at first but after closer study, it’s some sort of knitted boa. Either way, who f-ing cares! Louisa is just flat out awesome in this video and has a bright future in glamour modeling.

Her slim waist and curvy hips make that thong just the cherry on top of a very sweet cake.

Louisa still doesn’t have her own site yet but that makes subscribing to TTL Models an even better deal. Not only will you get over 5gb of content of just little Louisa, you’ll also get LOADS of content from the other dozen or so beautiful True Teen Latinas.

TTL Models ©

Daniela Florez is a Sheer Delight!

Daniela Florez is a Sheer Delight!

Great new video from Daniela Florez I like to call, “Sheer Delight”! Great moves, great looks, great legs and shape…. and all in high def video!

Check out these vidcaps of Daniela in a tight, sheer dress with matching black thong and stockings. This is her 67th video and if you check out her site,, you’ll see it’s loaded with great content you cannot get anywhere else.

The price is right too, just around a dollar a day to help show your support for this important glamour art statement.

Is this work important to you? What can you do to help keep it going? The world is a global village, do your part and stay active.

Daniela Florez ©

You Asked For It! Mas Valentina Model!

You Asked For It! Mas Valentina Model!

You guys really need to see more of this great model. The set with her striped dress is fantastic! Hip hugging, sheer and short!

These are just different pics from different sets to show you the variety. Next week I’ll post some stills from her videos. Just a very well built young lady that wants to show off her curves.

You may also notice that I uploaded full size pics to give you a better idea of the size and quality that you’ll be getting when you join.

Thanks for your feedback guys. Keep the comments coming. Can’t post all of them as some of them are a bit… uhh, we’ll say salty. Feedback is welcome though and I take it as a positive that you enjoy her work. She can’t do it forever and she needs to pay for college. Show her your support and subscribe today!

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