This one time at Summer Camp Red Devils invaded!


Not a bonus member at TBF? You’ll be seeing red if you are. You are rewarded for your loyalty and support of the Teen Beauty Fitness website for latin teen glamour. These girls can really use some time at Summer Camp, and when you subscribe, you support that effort. Hang in there and show…
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WOW, what a Valentine! – Show your love for Little Laurita

Sorry for lack of updates, been so busy with this move. Just checked in with TBF and what do I see??? A beautiful and oh so tiny Laurita bringing me Valentine’s Day cheer.

Like a silky sriracha sauce this tiny cutie is sweet and spicy! Here’s the mind blower, she has friends! LOTS of friends. Check out TBF for all the details,

Remember this is a Level 2 membership bonus so you’ll need to be subscribed for a bit to get access to it… TOTALLY worth the small fees to have this lolita on your hard drive.

Pay attention!  When you subscribe to TBF today, you also get FREE access to other model sites that have become archive sites. There is NO BETTER DEAL in teen glamour than TBF. Support your favorite tiny teens and keep this train moving!  Please don’t pirate!  Like genuine sriracha, it’s best from the originator, not a stolen knock off.  You’ve seen what’s happened to other teen glamour sites.  Make your vote count with a small fee each month!


And finally, a few vidcaps from Laurita Vellas and her tiny Valentine themed thong lingerie outfit.

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Louisa Herrera is on FIRE!

Louisa Herrera is on FIRE!

WOW! What a figure! The face, the lips, the freckles and of course the body are just great examples of teen nn glamour photography. Louisa Herrera is petite and curvy with a great presence. Check her out this week at TTL Models in a barely there, sling-shot red bikini.

If you haven’t seen her Mini Mouse set, check it out NOW!

My hope is that TTL models will spin her off to do her own site. Stay tuned to find out the future of this teen starlet.

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Michelle Romanis sensual red lingerie teen

Michelle Romanis sensual red lingerie teen

Michelle Romanis is nowadays one of the most popular teen models on She is 15 yo lingerie teen model and did a nice job since she started working with us. She takes modelling classes in of local schools and dreams about being real top model and she has everythign to make her dream real, tall, well built, she has great physical parameters and her modelling skills are being improved rapidly. She is really into it and she is a very dedicated person who knows what she wants. Her smila, her look and posing is something unreal that was a key for all her success on our site when she, in a very short period of time, converted into main star. Check out some sample pics here and full photo shoot here – New Michelle – Photoset #62

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