X-Girl may have her own site, but YFM has got a BOOMING SYSTEM!

Yes, Ximena Model has graduated as posted in my last update… However, there are still MANY, MANY other young, latin teen fitness models.

The most recent update is from little Emily Reyes. She’s got her heart out there for you to take home.

Support her career by actually subscribing. It feels great!.. I mean really great… Plus, I mean somone has to pay for that shiny smile,(braces).

Here are some vidcaps of her latest video on YFM. (#195)





Another famous teen is in my HARD drive – Heidy Model and she’s AMAZING!

Heidy is the sweetest! Always amazing and so petite.

The locations are so colorful and mesmerizing on their own…. Let alone with a tiny beautiful young woman modeling in skimpy lingerie or the smallest ‘swim suit’.

The site is archived all the way back.. None of this BS you see on other sites. You can download every HD pic and video of her site





WOW, what a Valentine! – Show your love for Little Laurita

Sorry for lack of updates, been so busy with this move. Just checked in with TBF and what do I see??? A beautiful and oh so tiny Laurita bringing me Valentine’s Day cheer.

Like a silky sriracha sauce this tiny cutie is sweet and spicy! Here’s the mind blower, she has friends! LOTS of friends. Check out TBF for all the details, http://www.TeenBeautyFitness.com

Remember this is a Level 2 membership bonus so you’ll need to be subscribed for a bit to get access to it… TOTALLY worth the small fees to have this lolita on your hard drive.

Pay attention!  When you subscribe to TBF today, you also get FREE access to other model sites that have become archive sites. There is NO BETTER DEAL in teen glamour than TBF. Support your favorite tiny teens and keep this train moving!  Please don’t pirate!  Like genuine sriracha, it’s best from the originator, not a stolen knock off.  You’ve seen what’s happened to other teen glamour sites.  Make your vote count with a small fee each month!


And finally, a few vidcaps from Laurita Vellas and her tiny Valentine themed thong lingerie outfit.

vlcsnap-2015-02-15-12h00m02s109 vlcsnap-2015-02-15-12h00m18s33 vlcsnap-2015-02-15-11h59m36s91

Feel The Spirit Rise this Holiday Season

Feel The Spirit Rise this Holiday Season

Christmas time is always so exciting. TTL Models, (http://www.TTLModels.com ) has posted a great little video to get you in the spirit.

You know the tiny tot Heidy, (http://www.HeidyModel.com) and of course you recognize the hips and lips of the infamous Michelle Romanis, (http://www.MichelleRomanis.com)

What you may not recognize is their new friend with her great curves, naughty tattoo and amazing eyes. I can’t wait to know her name and learn all about her. I didn’t even ask for anything this year and TTL Models delivers!

The girls are around the tree and on their knees waiting for you to show up to the party. Show your support of their hard work with a subscription to TTL Models. http://www.TTLModels.com It’ll be the best gift you can give this year…Just don’t tell your wife.


Blue Velvet, Sheer Fun with Daniela Florez

Blue Velvet, Sheer Fun with Daniela Florez

Daniela shows a little leg this week on the blue velvet sofa. Sheer top with tiny black thong panties round out this update. You have to see her in action in the videos though. So fun and carefree, all while keeping you in mind and delightning you with her dancing and flaunting of her great body. Youth is always leaving so capture hers today with a subscription to her site. You also get to support her work in this way as well. http://www.DanelaFlorez.com is her site. You can also catch her with other models on the TTL Models FSP2 updates, http://www.TTLModels.com

Daniela Florez ©

Athletically Fit teen Luisa wearing a lilac colored bikini in the garden!!

Athletically Fit teen Luisa wearing a lilac colored bikini in the garden!!

Luisa Henano showing off her blonde hair, her tight physique, and her glamorous poses on the garden of this mountain top location where she worked the camera in a tasteful manner.

Follow the link below to see HD video of Luisa working the camera!!!!

Luisa and her friends are teen modeling Divas!!! ©

13 yr old Heidy is a teen diva that loves orange undies!

13 yr old Heidy is a teen diva that loves orange undies!

Heidy is the star of her own website http://www.heidymodel.com/
where she is gathering all her best work to build a professional glamour modeling portfolio that include photos like this set where she is modeling in the apartment wearing her new orange undies sporting her cute pony tails off to the side and full HD videos of her working the camera in unique locations.

13 yr old Heidy’s own website !!!! ©

Pink Dream Doll Heidy

Pink Dream Doll Heidy

Neat and petite, Heidy Model dances in the yard in this delightfully skimpy pink lace lingerie.

Not too sheer, but very near with great floss bottom and chunky shoes make this another great addition to over 40 gigs of content from her site!

No fooling, just great pics and videos of this little sweetie. She’ll break your heart and you’ll love every minute of it.

I’m not sure of when, but she seems to update her site more than the other models. Trust me, I don’t mind at all.


Heidy Model ©